Novo número da rPOT!

Já está disponível a edição especial – volume 20 (4) – da Revista Psicologia: Organizações e Trabalho (rPOT).

Esperamos que você goste deste número, que conta com os seguintes artigos:

• Editorial – Tribute to José Maria Peiró
• Over-qualification in Young Spanish Workers: A Decade of Research at IDOCAL
• Validating the Career Adapt-Ability Scale in Mexico and Examining the Relative Importance of Career Adaptability and Employability in Career Success
• Employees and Supervisors’ Perceptions of Human Resource Practices in Different Types of Organizations Over a Lifespan
• Job Quality Indicators and Perceived Job Quality: The Moderating Roles of Individual Preferences and Gender
• Safety Culture and Safety Performance in High-Reliability Organizations: A Synthesis of IDOCAL’S Contributions to the Literature
• Improving Service Performance in Organizations for Individuals with Intellectual Disability: An Intervention Focused on Participation of Families
• Longitudinal Relationships Between Job Satisfaction and Creative Performance: A Three-Wave Cross-Lagged Panel Design
• Collaboration and Performance in Virtual Teams with Faultlines: An Emotional Management Intervention

• Envy in the Workplace: A Systematic Review of the Past Five Years
• An Ultra-Short Measure of Positive and Negative Affect: The Reduced Affective Well-Being Scale (RAWS)
• Ethical Leaders Promote Quality of Life Through Fair and Trust-based Relationships
• The Cross-level Relationship Between Organizational Trust in Leadership and Job Satisfaction
• LMX and Well-Being: Psychological Climates as Moderators of their Concurrent and Lagged Relationships
• Is Leader Developing Behavior Related to Employees’ Health Complaints? A Multilevel Investigation

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